Sunday, October 01, 2017

Amsterdam Database of New Testament Conjectural Emendation - release 2017-4

Here are the release notes for the most recent instalment of the Amsterdam Database.


Compared to the previous release (2017–3), 125 conjecture records were added (cj16303 to cj16427), together with 482 history records (s28066 to s28547). The total number of true conjectures (not an editorial alternative; not misunderstood) is now 6030 (out of 6428 conjecture records). The total number of history records is 18547.

Many fresh conjectures are by Blass, but also conjectures by Zuntz, Price, Mill, Bailey, J. Weiss, Scheidweiler, Völter and some others have been added. Noteworthy is also cj16367, as the most recent conjecture, published in 2017 by our colleague Peter-Ben Smit.

Noteworthy corrections and additions

For cj11309 on Matt 9:12, previously marked as misunderstood since the authors indicated by Bowyer (Heinsius and Grotius) could not be confirmed, the true author has now been identified, namely Samuel Clarke; hence the conjecture is no longer marked as misunderstood.

For cj13009 on Mark 9:12 a slightly earlier author than Pallis has been found, namely Bultmann (1931).

For cj11389 on Luke 8:9 the question of authorship has been resolved. It concerns a conditional conjecture (if λέγοντες is maintained, then the text should be emended) by Beza, repeated by Lucas Brugensis and Price.

For cj15288 on Luke 8:36 an earlier author than Griesbach has been found, namely Mill.

For cj12005 on John 21:12 an earlier author than Semler has been found, namely Mill.

For cj14497 on Acts 8:10 an earlier author than Michelsen has been found, namely Mill.

The conjecture by van de Sande Bakhuyzen on Acts 9:28 (cj12015) was previously listed as attested by min. 1837 (following information from CNTTS), but it transpires (from CNTTS as well as ECM) that it omits the entire verse and should therefore not be counted as attestation for this short omission only.

For cj10092 on Acts 13:33, which has been adopted in the recently published ECM volume, the reception history has been much expanded.

For cj15121 on Acts 19:40, Pervo’s opinion that the verse contains a primitive corruption, Pervo
himself indicates that Ropes already expressed the idea. Pervo’s opinion is now listed as “Pro.”

For cj14697 on Acts 28:1 an earlier author than Michelsen has been found, namely Mill.

For cj13390 on 1 Tim 6:5 an earlier author than Naber has been found, namely Price.
Price’s conjecture on Tt 2:5 (cj13402) should be listed as a substitution, not an addition.

For cj15284 on Jas 3:6 (an editorial alternative) an earlier author than Abresch has been found, namely Heinsius (as well as Grotius).

For cj11016 on Rev 1:7, the correct form of Price’s conjecture is ἐπ’ αὐτοῦ, not ὑπ’ αὐτοῦ, as incorrectly reported by Bowyer.