Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Review of Richard Simon, Critical History of the Text of the New Testament (Andrew Hunwick)

Readers of this blog may not be aware of my interest in French New Testament scholarship. Yet it is there, and it made me delve into Andrew Hunwick’s 2013 translation of Richard Simon’s 1689 (!) Histoire critique du texte du Nouveau Testament:

The result was a 16-page review that has just been published in the current issue (2014) of TC. A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism.

Admittedly the review is not for the faint of heart, and it is not very positive. Yet that is just how it sometimes has to be.


Peter M. Head said...

Thanks for that Jan,


Dirk Jongkind said...

So Jan, how many of the systematic deficiencies do you expect to be caught by the series editors? You don't seem to comment on that at all.

Jan Krans-Plaisier said...

Good question, Dirk. I gave it some thought but did not make up my mind sufficiently to be able to give a clear answer. My feeling is that any of the deficiencies, or a single one of the translation blunders should have set off some alarm bells; but of course I do not know what actually happened, only that the book was published in this form.

Timothy B. Sailors said...

This is a very helpful (and necessary) review, Jan. Well done.

- Timothy