Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Live Search Books (again)

Here in Amsterdam, Live Search Books was not working, so I initially thought that the service was down (after all, it is still Beta). Then I found some rumours on it being "US only", but using (US) proxy servers did not work. I finally discovered the obvious reason: when Live Search is displaying in Dutch (or in any language other than (A)English), no book search is available. Let me skip any musings on cultural imperialism and give the solution: tell Firefox (or whatever browser you are using) to prefer pages in English.


Roger Pearse said...

Many thanks indeed. Who would have believed it?

What makes this all the funnier is that UK libraries are contributing to this collection; which UK readers cannot see.

No doubt the evil EU copyright regime with its absurd life+70 years is responsible for all this. In the US, after all, everything before 1923 is out of copyright. We need a similar rule in the EU.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but I am Spanish and I can't enter in Live Search books. I would be so glad if someone were kindly to explain with a little more of detailed information how to do it.

Thanks in advance,
Gonzalo Jerez, Madrid

Anonymous said...

Ah, it is very easy. You have to go to the Configuration menu (I'm user of Mozilla Firefox) and select in Advanced options the Lenguage which you prefer to see the Web pages.

Shopperman said...

The language must be en-us.

PeterinScotland said...

Interesting that the same hack doesn't work for http://books.google.com - I have to use a proxy server to view "Memorabilia Domestica", for instance, because Google hasn't yet checked out the fact that it's out of copyright in UK (the author died in 1869).

PeterinScotland said...

Seems Microsoft have closed that loophole.

I've emailed the British Library's chief executive, asking her to ensure that, as (I'm assuming) the British Library is a public body, the British public are given the same opportunity to use the results of BL's cooperation with Microsoft as Americans, who are not the primary beneficiaries of a UK public body.

PeterinScotland said...

Never got any response from the British library. Anyone know a new way of getting in?